Why I Returned My Leesa and Got a 4Sleep Mattress Instead

by 4Sleep on Jul 20, 2015 9:53:06 AM

We've needed a new mattress for a while now, and our 12 year old innerspring definitely wasn't helping my chronic back pain and insomnia. Probably causing most of it!

We initially ordered the Leesa memory foam mattress, but quickly found ourselves disappointed. Although it was comfortable enough, it was very low compared to our previous mattress.

It was a little smaller than our queen box spring, and had zero side support. Which means when my husband rolled to the edge of the bed, he fell off...


This should not be happening to us in our 30's, lol.

Fortunately, all the complaints we had about the Leesa were resolved when we found the 4Sleep!



We were excited to see that the mattress was higher than the Leesa. According to the company websites, the 4Sleep is only an inch higher, but it seemed like a bigger difference than that!

Switching to a memory foam from a double pillow top innerspring was a huge height difference.

Our original bed was always very high, and the Leesa seemed very low.

4Sleep's height was just right!

It's the perfect height, comfortable, no weird smell, and the side support is awesome. We were also so thrilled with the edge support. You can actually sit on the side of the bed to put your shoes on without it caving in.

It helps during sleeping too, because we can sleep all the way to the edge of the mattress without falling out of bed (which had already happened with the Leesa). We can use the full width of the mattress, instead of being crammed in the middle.


And speaking of width, it's as wide as our box spring, so that extra little bit makes a big difference too!

The 4Sleep mattress sleeps cool and keeps us at just the right sleep temperature just like they said it would.

I'm sleeping my better, my husband isn't tossing and turning, and well, if he does, I wouldn't feel it on the 4Sleep anyway. Our last bed nearly launched me like a trampoline.

I can't wait to pitch my daughters' old inner springs and get 4Sleep mattresses for them too!

Becca R.
Satisfied 4Sleep Customer

P.S. You can save $75 by using the coupon code BECCA75 at checkout. 




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