What Do Memory Foam Mattresses Feel Like? Quicksand or Concrete?

by 4Sleep on Nov 13, 2015 11:18:42 AM

One of the main myths about memory foam is that all memory foam feels like you’re mired in quicksand. We are going to debunk that myth in today's video! 

 Does Memory Foam Provide Resistance to Compression?

This myth is tied to another partial myth, that memory foam was first developed by NASA to provide cushion on seats for pilots. NASA’s first attempts at memory foam resulted in a product that had very little or no resistance at all to being compressed.

When you sat down you kept on sinking and had difficulty moving or getting up.  

Contrary to what you read on some of the bedding websites NASA abandoned its development of memory foam.  Good for blasting off into space?  Not so much.

Is There Memory Foam that is Compression Resistant?

There is still plenty of low quality memory foam on the market today that is no better for getting a good night’s sleep than it was for the astronauts rear ends.  

This foam has no ability to properly support your body or its movements.  However some manufacturers have made major improvements to the design of memory foam and it is possible to find good quality memory foam that is very compression resistant.  

There are specialty memory foams that, unlike the low quality foams, have a very fast response rate to pressure - place your hand on these foams and push down and you’ll see that they spring back up.  

How Mattresses are Constructed Impacts the Feel of Memory Foam

Also the way in which memory foam is layered and combined with other products is key to the overall quality of the mattress.  

If you have a good quality memory foam on top of other layers of quality foams or materials that are compression resistant you will have an excellent sleep surface that contours to your body for comfort.

It relieves all of your body’s pressure points and allows for full freedom of movement without the feeling of a stiff or too firm surface.  

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