Top 15 Favorite Holiday Movies That You Just Don't Want To Miss

by Shannon on Dec 14, 2015 10:37:56 AM


As the holidays approach and the air gets a bit chillier we all look forward to curling up with a cup of hot cocoa, popping some popcorn and watching our favorite holiday movies in the comfort of our own beds. I have compiled a list of my favorite family, adult and classic holiday movies that I have to see each year. It’s tradition in my house and if it’s not already one in yours hopefully these suggestions will help you get one started!



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1.       Home Alone – This is by far my kid’s favorite and I can’t help but agree. Macaulay Culkin plays an 8 year old boy who accidentally gets left alone on Christmas vacation and must protect himself and his home from two bumbling burglars. The wild antics that ensue will leave you rolling on the floor, while also giving your kids some great ideas!



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2.       Elf – Will Ferrell keeps you in stitches as he plays Buddy, a human who was raised by elves in the North Pole.     When he is sent to back to NYC to find his real father, Santa’s biggest helper becomes everyone’s biggest problem. This movie is full of laughs, love and ultimately warms your heart.



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3.       A Christmas Story – Every Christmas Eve the kids and I snuggle up and watch this classic story of Ralphie and his desire for his Red Ryder BB gun. With his cursing father, over-protective mother and little bother of a brother this story has pieces of all of our lives. It teaches life lessons with a sense of humor, but will still make your kids want to try sticking their tongue to a freezing pole!



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4.       A Nightmare Before Christmas – This may be a bit scary for little ones, but if you are a Tim Burton fan you may just have to risk the nightmares. Jack Skellington (The Pumpkin King) is bored with Halloween and happens to stumble upon Christmas Town and is inspired by all its joy and can’t wait to bring it back to Halloween Town. Unfortunately, no one in Halloween town quite feels the same as Jack and then the plan to kidnap Santa goes into full effect and Christmas may never be the same.



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5.       How the Grinch Stole Christmas – A heart “growing” story for both the young and old. With Cindy Lou Who and all the Who’s in Whoville who can’t help but love this animated Christmas Classic. Even though the Grinch is the star I must say my favorite character will forever be the Grinch’s loyal dog Max. Who hasn’t forced their pet to dress up as a reindeer at least once?



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6.       National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – I’ve seen this movie so many times that I start laughing before it even starts.     We can all relate to relatives coming into town and that ever so annoying neighbor! The Griswold family reminds us that no matter how bad things get they will always work out in the end, even if you kidnap your boss!



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7.       Scrooged – For all you 80’s fans you can’t beat Bill Murray in this adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol.     Not unlike the original, Frank Cross makes the lives of his employees miserable and stomps on the thought of joy but changes his tune once the 3 ghosts take him on his journey through past, present and future. I would have to say one of my favorite scenes is when Frank Cross is confronted by the ghost of his dead boss and Frank says “No, you are a hallucination, brought on by alcohol. Russian Vodka, poisoned by Chernobyl” The laughs continue and overall this film is worth a try if you haven’t seen it before.



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8.       Bad Santa – If you don’t like raunchy humor and bad taste then skip this movie, but if you do then this holiday film will deliver! Bill Bob Thornton plays an alcoholic conman who along with his side-kick dress up each Christmas as Santa and his little helper to rob department stores.     However, this year a nosy clerk, security guard, girl with a Santa fetish and an 8 year old boy will interfere with this Santa’s plans. So, put away the cookies and milk and grab a bottle of scotch and a pack of cigarettes before you settle in to watch this film.



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9.       Bridget Jones’s Diary – Ok guys….you can skip this one, but ladies you know you love it! Filled with ugly Christmas sweaters, emotional eating, holiday drinking and a love triangle what’s not to like. Although not usually touted as a Christmas movie, Bridget Jones’s Diary gives you a good excuse to have a drunken pajama party with the girls.     So call your girlfriends, shake up some cocktails and get ready for a real chick flick.



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10.   The Ref – You’ve missed out if you haven’t seen this Christmas Eve Comedy. Dennis Leary plays a cat burglar whose partner bales on him and leaves him in the midst of a dysfunctional and malcontent family.     As a result he becomes a mediator and hilarity ensues as the entire family becomes unbearable.



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11.   Miracle on 34th Street -   If you want to believe in Santa Claus then this is your movie. A heart-warming film of a young girl and a man who claims to be the real Santa Claus. There is a reason this Christmas Story is still a favorite after almost 60 years!



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12.   It’s a Wonderful Life -   If you don’t cry during this film, well I’m not sure you have a heart! George, a man down on his luck and his life is contemplating suicide but is persuaded by a bumbling angel Clarence that his life is worth living. So grab your box of tissues and get ready to reflect on your life and just see how truly wonderful life really is!



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13.   White Christmas -   We’ve got to have at least one musical in the bunch and here it is. Set during WWII this military musical is a romantic comedy filled with songs all written by Irving Berlin, including the best-selling single of all time – Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”.



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14.   A Christmas Carol – This is Charles Dickens’ Classic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge and the ghost of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet to Come. A reminder that it may not be too late to change your ways.



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15.   Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer -       Animation has come a long way since 1964, but even if we have to duct tape our kids to the couch they WILL see this classic! The story of Rudolph, Hermey and Yukon Cornelius is told by Burl Ives as the three friends make their way to the Land of Misfit Toys and then ultimately Rudolph guiding Santa’s sleigh. Again, kids these days may resist a little, but I believe it would be a disservice if we didn’t make them watch it at least once.



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