The Sleep Experts Review The 4Sleep Mattress

by 4Sleep on Jul 3, 2015 5:39:33 PM

Since we launched our new mattress everyone wants to know the same thing. Is the 4Sleep Mattress comfortable? Is it the mattress for me? Does it sleep hot or cool? To help answer these questions (and more) we took it upon ourselves to get our mattress into the hands of the mattress review experts for their unbiased opinions. Lets get started....

The Sleep Sherpa 

"It DESTROYS the Casper in terms of comfort!"



Well, we are not going to lie. We really like that comment. Let's just say that he really likes his 4Sleep Mattress and he has reviewed some 11 other mattresses on his website. Here's what else he has to say: 

"The 4Sleep is a solid mattress. It is a nice option for people who like something in between a Tuft and Needle and Leesa firmness. It doesn’t sleep hot but doesn’t sleep too cool either. It has great aesthetics and a solid 90 day return window for you to fully try it out and make a sound decision. While is it a bit pricier than the other competitors, its a marginal difference considering it should last you 8-10 years."



Read the full review here: The 4Sleep Mattress Review: A Comfort Sandwich

Slumber Sage

"I think for a certain person this is the perfect mattress!"

We truly believe that after sleeping on our mattress for 3 weeks, he's got a pretty good idea of what the mattress is like. We are awaiting his video which will be online soon. 



Here are some particularly important things he had to say: 

"I found the 4Sleep mattress to be very comfortable overall. It has more of a plush feel than memory foam mattresses, with the top layers contouring very well to the body when laying on the back and side. Even with this plush top layer, the mattress ends up being relatively firm, I’d put it at a 6.5/10 on the firmness scale. It may even be firm enough to please a stomach sleeper, depending on their preference."

The 4Sleep Mattress Sleeps Cool: "The big issue that some memory foam mattresses have is that they sleep hot – that is that throughout the night the memory foam absorbs your heat, creating an uncomfortably warm sleeping surface. The 4Sleep mattress has tried to offset this through gel in the top layer, and in my experience they succeeded. I was sleeping on the mattress during the hot months of summer and had no issue with the mattress sleeping hot (and I’m very picky about this)."

The 4Sleep Cover: "The 4Sleep mattress has a modern retro look which I personally really like. It’s cover is made with a fabric used in high performance sportswear, with the aim of making it stretchable, breathable, and quick drying. The cover also has a thermogel coating to help with cooling."

I think that 4Sleep is a great option. If you’re on the market for a high quality memory foam mattress, 4Sleep is a great option. It beats retail store prices by a large margin, doesn’t sleep hot, and has a great return policy in case some of the nuances don’t suit you. Overall I’d say if you’re interested in 4Sleep, I would definitely give them a try

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"For those sleepers looking for the slightly firmer feel the 4Sleep fills a bit of a void that has been present in the online mattress industry."



It's always interesting hearing what people think about "your baby". We really believe that Derek brings a lot of experience forward with his review: 

4Sleep Sleeps Cool: "Cooling memory foam meets retro design in this new start-up. For a memory foam mattress it sleeps surprisingly cool. Many other memory foam mattresses I have tested tend to sleep a little bit warmer (even those supposedly optimized for heat issues). During my sleep test I didn’t feel like it slept warm." 

4Sleep Bounce: "The 4Sleep is more responsive and less “stuck” compared to traditional memory foam mattresses."

4Sleep Firmness: "The 4Sleep mattress is a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale (where 10 is the most firm). This places it on the firmer end compared to most other online mattress companies (most sit at a 6 out of 10). For those sleepers looking for the slightly firmer feel the 4Sleep fills a bit of a void that has been present in the online mattress industry. The feel is similar to that of traditional memory foam, just not as extreme."



Read the full review here: 4Sleep Mattress Review

Mattress Clarity

"Overall this mattress really impressed me. I really liked the 4Sleep mattress. I think for some mattress shoppers it’s a really great option."

It's interesting seeing what's important to these mattress review experts. When the 4Sleep mattress is being compaired to several other mattresses in the marketplace, its a breath of fresh air from unbiased reviwers that keep everyone honest. 

People that live on the edge – or at least sleep on the edge. "It has a special layer of denser foam around the edges for better edge support. The edge support is not as good as a spring mattress, but is better than most memory foam mattresses I’ve tried."

"Important aspects in my mind: 11 inches thick, 4 layers – most mattresses at this price point (sold online) are 10 inches/3 layers."

"Edge support layer – foam “support rails” are put in to decrease sag on the edge of the bed (which is common for memory foam mattresses). This has the effect of making the bed actually feel bigger since you can sleep closer to the edge of the bed with no issue. Good for sitting on the edge and getting dressed as well."

"Thermoregulation – interesting concept I haven’t heard from anyone but 4Sleep at this point, saying it regulates temperature, rather than just keep you cool. The temperature was great for me, but they say it’s particularly great for couples (I didn’t test this out, I tested it out alone). If you end up going with 4Sleep, let me know if this makes a big difference, it sounds great!"

Does 4Sleep make the cut? "I’ve slept on a lot of mattresses at this point, and 4Sleep definitely stands out (at this price point).  The comfort/support tradeoff is really good, and I am a fan of the improved edge support.  I think that 4Sleep is a great option for someone looking for a good quality mattress that is ever-so-slightly firmer than average.  The 4Sleep company seems very transparent as well, and offers a very flexible return policy, so if you’ve made it this far, I would definitely suggest you give them a shot."

Read the full review here: 4SLEEP MATTRESS REVIEW



There you have it. Some of the most unbiased reviews that you can find about the 4Sleep Mattress online. We have a nice $50 off coupon code if you'd like to save $50 on your purchase. 




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