Reverse Engineer Your Most Productive Day Ever

by 4Sleep on Aug 3, 2015 3:08:00 PM

Remember the Seinfeld episode called “The Betrayal”? It’s the one when Jerry, Elaine, and George all go to India to attend the traditional Indian wedding of “the bra-less wonder”, Sue Ellen Mischke. Most folks don’t remember it as “The Betrayal”, but rather as “the backwards episode” because it started at the end, and after each scene, it would flash back to “15 minutes earlier” or “2 years earlier” or, at the very end, years earlier. They did the entire episode backwards, always leaving you anticipating and wondering “how’d they get into THAT?!?”


Watch the entire episode: 


Let’s do that with your most awesomely productive day, shall we?

→ “Wow, what a fantastic day! Let’s hit the rack. I’m gonna sleep like a baby tonight!”

15 minutes earlier:

→ “Oh my gosh. That has to be the best peach cobbler I’ve ever had. How did you make that?”

→ “With fresh peaches of course! Duh!”

30 minutes earlier:

→ “My steak was fantastic, how was yours?

→ “Really, really good. Just the way I like it. Medium rare. Perfect. Now, let’s have dessert at home. I made something just for you!”

→ “ made me a special dessert?”

→ “Yes! You got the Penske account today, didn’t you? I can’t let that go without a celebration, can I?”

→ “OK, you win. Let’s dessert!”

4 hours earlier:

→ “Hey honey! Can you meet for dinner? We won the Penske account! We bagged the elephant!”

→ “Holy s***! That’s fantastic! You bet I can meet you! Where and when?”

→ “730PM at The Old Mill Steak House in old town.”

→ “Awesome! See you there! And congratulations again! So proud of you!”

→ “Thanks! Hope you’re hungry! Bye!”

1 hour earlier:

→ “Yes, sir, Mike! We got the agreement, and I see your signature right there in bright blue ink. Thank you very much. We’re really excited to help you grow and brand your business.”

4 hours earlier:

→ “Did you get the agreement yet? Did it come in?”

→ “Dude, no, it’s not here yet, and there’s no guarantee that we’ll get the deal. I think we will, but let’s don’t get our hopes up, ok?”

→ “Stick in the mud.”

2 hours earlier:

→ “Best pitch I’ve ever seen. I don’t have any questions. Can you back it up with your work?”

→ “Yes, we can, and we look forward to showing you.”

2 hours earlier:

→ “Morning! How far did you run this morning?”

→ “How’d you know I was running?”

→ “You passed me in traffic! You were cruising.”

→ “HA! Yes, felt great this morning. I’m in the zone. 5 miles felt like 2.”

3 hours earlier:

→ “Whew! Great night’s sleep, good fast run. Time to own the day, baby!”

90 minutes earlier:

→ “Good morning! Woo hoo! Man I feel great. I love this new mattress you got us, sweetheart. Where’d you get it?”

You’re healthy. You’re energetic. You’re in the zone. You’re winning. Can you do the same thing tomorrow? Damn straight you can. You can do that everyday, because every day starts with the exact same thing: a freaking fantastic 8 hours of solid slumber.

You’re an entrepreneur, not a work-a-holic. You need your rest!

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