Mattress Clarity Reviews the 4Sleep Mattress

by 4Sleep on Aug 20, 2015 1:17:18 PM

"Overall this mattress really impressed me.  It’s not for everyone (no mattress is), but I think for some mattress shoppers it’s a really great option." - Mattress Clarity


My thoughts on the 4Sleep Mattress

"I found it to be really comfortable, and more importantly (to me) offers really good support."

"Generally my big concern with this type of mattress is that it will sleep hot, and I didn’t have that issue at any point in 2 weeks of sleeping on 4Sleep (during summer months as well)."

"The comfort/support tradeoff is really good, and I am a fan of the improved edge support."

"I think that 4Sleep is a great option for someone looking for a good quality mattress that is ever-so-slightly firmer than average."


Who will love the 4Sleep Mattress?

Memory foam lovers – if memory foam is your thing, this mattress delivers. It has that nice contouring feeling that offers both comfort and support.

People that live on the edge – or at least sleep on the edge. It has a special layer of denser foam around the edges for better edge support. The edge support is not as good as a spring mattress, but is better than most memory foam mattresses I’ve tried.

Value lovers – at $899 for a queen it’s not cheap, but with the 4Sleep direct-to-consumer model the specs match up with mattresses that would be sold for 2-3x more in mattress stores.

People that like American-made products – 4Sleep fits the bill. Manufactured in the good ‘ole USA.

People that prefer a mattress slightly firmer than average – generally 4Sleep is in the range of average firmness, but on the slightly firmer side of that range. Firmer than Casper, less firm than Tuft & Needle (for those of you keeping score).

Clean freaks – put the removable cover in the wash and it’s as good as new! I can barely get a fitted shit back on so I didn’t really test this out myself, but at least you have the option.

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