How To Care For Your Memory Foam Mattress

by Shannon on Jan 6, 2016 6:21:52 PM


While most of us sleep in a bed almost every night of our lives very few of us really know the best practices of taking care of our mattresses. Just like anything we use on a daily basis there is maintenance that must be performed to keep it in the best condition possible so that we can get the most out of our product. When it comes to a memory foam mattress there are several best practices that will extend the lifespan of your mattress to keep it in optimal health so that it can provide you with support you need each and every night.

1.  Foundation

The first and foremost important way to preserve the life and quality of your mattress is to have it on the correct foundation. A memory foam mattress is designed to work on a flat, sturdy, non-spring foundation. A bad foundation is the primary cause for memory foam mattresses not performing to their full potential. We recommend a platform bed with a solid base or a slatted base that has multiple, strong slats that are no more than 3" apart. A box spring can be used, but we recommend a new box spring or foundation that is made to support memory foam mattresses.

2.  Flipping

Since memory foam mattresses have a distinct top and bottom there is no need for flipping over your mattress. However, it is recommended that you rotate your mattress every 3 months. Just give it a twirl so your feet are now at your head and your head are at your feet. This will help with the longevity of the mattress.

3.  Protection

When it comes to protecting your memory foam mattress from spills and accidents there are actually high quality water-resistant mattress pads that won’t expressly interfere with the cooling effects of our memory foam mattress. In days past, your only option was a plastic waterproof pad that kept in heat and caused excessive sweat and discomfort. Yuck! Now you can find a variety of “water-resistant” mattress pads that allow air flow preventing the heat from being trapped in. However, if you do happen to spill something before your mattress is protected it is best to spot clean with a mild detergent.

 4.  Heating Pads

Another common concern when it comes to memory foam is the use of heating pads or heating blankets with the mattress. You can absolutely use a heating pad! We just recommend that you do not leave it on for extended periods of time. Using a heating pad will not damage the mattress, but may have an effect on the foam that may reduce the overall benefits of the memory foam itself.

 5.  Lifespan

Finally, the maximum life span of a mattress is about 10 years, which is actually one of the few “big” purchases that actually lasts without putting more and more money in it to keep it maintained. If you bought our king mattress for $999.00 that amounts to only 27 cents a day to sleep comfortably every night for 10 years! It’s worth the right foundation, rotating it a few times a year and keeping it clean to maintain the health of one of the most important investments you should be making since you will be sleeping on it for 3,650 nights! So, if your mattress is at its 10 year mark or over its time to get a new mattress. We recommend a 4Sleep mattress!

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