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Memory Foam Industry Veterans Launch Startup To Take On VC Funded Competitors

Eat. Sleep. Innovate. Repeat. Husband and wife team Lori Zack and David Alter recently launched 4Sleep to take their united passion and experience for memory foam to the next level. For years Lori Zack struggled with uncomfortable, sleepless nights, then her husband introduced her to the magic of memory foam. "I was immediately hooked, and instead of feeling like my bed was the enemy I started to love it. But back when I first started sleeping on memory foam there was still a lot of room for improvement," says Zack. Their quest for the ideal memory foam mattress ultimately led them to a strategic partnership with a top quality foam manufacturer who could provide the technological innovations and quality they were seeking.



The duo are no strangers to the sleep game with a combined 25 years in the memory foam industry. Armed with a small team and a lot of charisma, Lori and David opened their digital flagship at with the goal of not just selling an innovative and affordable mattress, but actually adding a whole new category of sleep experiences to the market.

A sense of humor, personalized customer service and a modern approach all help 4Sleep stand out from the crowd.

"We are not just selling a mattress, we are providing a life enhancement," says 4Sleep CMO David Caron. "We want people to feel like they're not even shopping for a mattress when they're on our website, but that they're making a conscious decision to do something good for themselves. We want people to be better not only in bed (wink), but to be more productive at work, have better workouts, and jump on their bed with no regrets," says Caron.

This philosophy is helping the startup carve a niche in an otherwise crowded market.

"Unlike some of our competitors, we don't feel that one mattress fits all, but we do believe our mattress will be ideal for a lot of consumers. We've seen both soft and firm mattress lovers find it perfect. Because of its superior design and technology it's very adaptable to a variety of sleeping preferences," says Zack of the premier product. 

4Sleep Technology brings a superior mattress to the market through 11 inches and 4 specialized layers of temperature regulating, body conforming, tension relieving foam that adapts to body contours for relief in pressure­ sensitive areas. The 4Sleep mattress ships free of charge, in a manageable box, directly to your door. Best of all the buyer gets to try the mattress in their own home for 100 days risk free. 4Sleep puts the buyer in control from start to finish, without compromise.

How does Zack perceive the future of 4Sleep? "We realize in many ways we are the underdog right now. We have to get in front of the consumer and show them what they are missing without the benefit of mega VC contributions, we have to take a much more grass roots approach to growth. It's challenging but also incredibly stimulating and causes us to constantly push ourselves to think outside the box. We know we have an amazing high quality mattress and that once people try it, they'll love it."

And when it comes to the future of the online retail mattress industry, Zack says "Just as with the traditional bricks and mortar mattress industry it's going to become hard for the consumer to see through the clutter. There are a group of us who I feel truly want to bring a high quality, lasting mattress to the consumer. But you're going to also see a lot of low quality product and new versions of the same gimmicks and tactics that traditionally existed in this industry that we're supposed to be disrupting. We hope over time to show people that we're the real thing."

About 4Sleep:

4Sleep is a mattress startup promising to forever change the way you sleep. They bring the latest in memory foam technology direct from the factory to the consumer with its Made in the USA premier quality memory foam mattress. Founded with a passion for sleep, their innovative enhanced side­-edge support and advanced 4 layer design provide a cool, supportive and comfortable night's rest. Offering a 100 night risk-­free trial, free shipping and no­-hassle returns, they provide a stress-free mattress shopping experience.

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