Beautiful Bedroom Sanctuary? Simple Sleep Haven? You Can Have Both.

by Holly on Mar 28, 2016 9:43:50 AM


You have probably read a ton about the way your bedroom affects your ability to sleep. Factors such as color, your bed, lighting, temperature, and noise all impact how you sleep at night. So, as you peruse those health articles at 3 a.m., you may begin to despair that a functional bedroom must look like it came entirely from the plainest lines at IKEA. Luckily for you, it is so easy to create a bedroom for comfort, without sacrificing your natural style.

 Set Your Bedroom

Unless you are a vampire, your bed should be the focus of any bedroom makeover plan. Many sleep experts suggest a platform bed for providing the most optimal support to go with a top quality memory foam mattress like 4Sleep. Platform beds are all the rage now. These low profile beds provide a solid base which adds to the longevity of a mattress helping to decrease sagging over time. Also, since they are lower to the ground where it is cooler, it may even create an optimal sleep environment.

Fortunately, the sky’s the limit on designs to make your bedroom uniquely yours. Go for something ornate, or keep the bed frame simple with some natural additions like a unique headboard made from an old rustic door. Or a trendy cable knit throw to add stylish flare that is functional as well.

Finally, make sure to include Feng Shui tips when setting up your sleep sanctuary. According to Feng Shui, for the best flow of energy, make sure that your bed has three sides that are not pushed up against a wall. Also, make sure that you can see the door from the bed, but don’t put the bed directly in front of the door or this could disrupt the room’s balance.

Add Delightful Lighting

In order to show off your totally-perfect bedroom set, you need good lighting. The harshness of the overhead light in your room can turn it into a functional evil, or an accessory that you really love.

Since electric lightbulbs were created they have influenced our sleep patterns by exposing our brains to bright light late in the evenings causing our internal sleep clock to push for a later bedtime. Keep this information in mind when selecting lighting for your sanctuary.


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You may want to invest in a dimmer switch for your overhead light so that you can control the brightness in your room and signal your brain that it is evening. In addition, you might want to go a little wild with a red accent lamp that adds a touch of whimsy to your space. The red lamp shade or glass will cause the light that emanates from it to have a red glow which has shown to promote sleep.

 Deck Your Windows

The windows in your room can be the place where all of your interior décor plans are culminated, or where they all linger like the scent of skunk. You need efficient window treatments to keep you appropriately warm or cool and to let in or block out light. This does not mean you are stuck with those awful orange-and-green polyester curtains that your mom gave you when you moved out. Go ahead and toss those and consider installing a simple but elegant roller shade or plantation blinds to block out unwanted light, and pair it with some elegant curtains.


Choose curtain colors that promote healthy sleep, along with the correct material that will provide the coverage you need. For instance, a rich blue velvet drape would be ideal to help block out light. Or choose a yellow chiffon or organza if you want to diffuse the light in your bedroom.  And if your windows are drafty, then why not use an orange or silver heavy damask curtain to block the cool air from coming in.

Mankind has yet to win the battle between functional and fashionable. When it comes to bedroom décor, however, there is an obvious truce. Step outside your current bedroom mindset and open your eyes. With the right designs for your bedroom, you can take full-time enjoyment, awake or asleep.

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