6 Simple Ways to Transform your Bedroom for Fall

by Shannon on Oct 3, 2017 11:53:38 AM


Fall is in the air!  Leaves are changing colors, mornings are marked with a chill in the air and pumpkins are popping up everywhere.  It’s time to “Fallify” your bedroom.  Below are 6 simple decorating tips that will take your bedroom from Summer to Fall and set the tone for this wonderful time of year. 

I have to steal the color rules that Jodie and Julie of The Design Twins  mention when deciding on your Fall décor.  The Design Twins recommend choosing no more than 3 colors to incorporate in your space because anything more may be too difficult to pull off!  This doesn’t mean you can’t have a variety of hues of the same color.  In fact, having different hues of the same color can elicit a totally different feel for the room.  Feel free to mix and match warm and cool colors by using different hues of the same color.  A light brown will be cool and dark brown will be warm.  You can create a lot of great designs simply by using different hues.

Accent Pillows:
Probably one of the easiest pieces to change in a bedroom, accent pillows offer a simple way to change up color and add spice for a Fall bedroom redo.  Choosing a variety of different sizes, textures and colors can dramatically transform a summer white bedroom into a warm and cozy fall bedroom in a matter of seconds!  Tamra Anka of Cintrine Living has a fantastic Fall bedroom filled with a variety of accent pillows that she actually uses throughout her home to tie in her Fall theme.  That’s another great tip!pillows-890559_960_720.jpg

Chunky Throw:
Nothing like a warm and cozy throw to add to your bed to warm it up for Fall.  Choose a chunkier wool throw that lets everyone know cool weather is coming.  A nice ash or plum color would accent a room nicely, plus these throws are comfy too!  You can’t look at any Fall bedrooms and NOT see one of these chunky throws in it.  They are truly all the rage and with good reason.  My favorite chunky Merino Wool Throw has to be from Becozi which is a great company and reasonable prices for gorgeous throws.  They also add great texture to the bedroom as well.becozi.jpg

There are many ways to incorporate texture into a design space. Texture captures not only your sense of touch, but your sight as well.  Different textures naturally cause your eyes to move around a room and take in the difference textures from a hardwood floor to a fluffy rug onto a soft supple comforter.  The importance of texture is finding your balance and how much or how little texture you want in your space.  One of our favorite bloggers at Décor Gold Designs chooses velvet as her Fall favorite texture and I absolutely agree! bedroom-416063_960_720.jpg

Fall Foliage:
Another quick and simple accent for Fall is adding fall foliage to your room.  This can be as simple as a few sprigs of Red Sprite Winterberry in a hurricane vase or an ornate wreath made of Bittersweet to go above your bed or on a wall.  Digs Digs has a ton of great ideas for using branches with berries; leaves; gold leaf; and more to add a splash of Fall to your bedroom.    autumn-2592477_960_720.jpg

You can’t have Fall without pumpkins!  But don’t worry, now you don’t have to go with the traditional orange pumpkin.  Designers have gotten crazy creative with pumpkins.  Martha at Simply Cozy Charm has some of my favorite Fall pumpkins that come in different shades of gray velvet with real stems, but the pumpkins don’t stop there.  From velvet to painted ash and white pumpkins; felted pumpkins and pumpkins made out of muslin, all of these add different color; texture and feel to a bedroom.  Just pick what you like best and put some in a nice woven basket and voila! Fall is in your room.pumpkins-187962_960_720.jpg

Now you can jump into Fall with a bedroom ready for the season!


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